“Himalaya ”started in 1999, with our rich culture, history and indigenous tradition, we delivered happiness to our clients, and built reputation among our partners.


Himalaya set up Shanghai marketing centre to promote Tibet tours.

And now

We provide service for more than 5,000 clients every year. “Himalaya” has become a leading brand in Tibet tours.

Lhasa operating center focus on group operate, and have Multilingual tour guides, including English speaking guides, Japanese speaking guides, German speaking guides, French speaking guides. We have very good relationship with local government to guarantee the permit-issue and Potala Palace entrance tickets.

Shanghai Marketing Center focus on market promotion, custom relationship.

All our members are willing to show our best services to tourists from the world.

Our signature service is the service standard to ensure you a safe, comfortable and fun tour in Tibet, at reasonable cost. Customers who purchase tours with our signature service are going to enjoy

1. Land transport by 4-wheel drive,

2. A rickshaw ride in the Old Town of Lhasa,

3. A home visit to local Tibetans,

4. A Tibetan meal with folk performance (available May – Oct only),

5. A Lin Ka – Tibetan picnic (available May – Oct only),

6. A sleeping bag for overnight at guesthouse,

7. An oxygen bag for stay at altitude over 4000m for 2 hours.

Guides in Tibet

Our Tibetan guides are honest and out-going in nature, outdoor sportsman themselves. They're fluent in English communication, well-trained and very experienced. Most of all, their inherent connection to this land gives you 100% Tibetan experience.

    Tashi Dhandwp




Shanghai Office

  • Simon
  • The quite, even shy appearance of him may disguise the toughness in his body – he trekked to Everest Base Camp! Simon is our sales manager, sell to both agencies and individual travelers. His motto is ‘Live life to the fullest!’.

  • May
  • May is our sales director. Being an extensive traveler herself, landing foot in Asia, Europe and Africa, she believes the purpose of traveling is to understand oneself by experiencing the world. Every journey should be appreciated not only by eyes, but by mind and soul as well.

  • Vivi
  • Vivi is our assistant operation. ‘Check, check, double-check! Be careful, more careful!’ – These are the words she talks to herself everyday.

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