Mt Kailash Pilgrimage - Lhasa-Mt.Kailash-Lhasa 19 days

    This is a rugged expedition to western Tibet, one of the remotest and most sacred corners of Asia. Mt Kailash, Lake Manasarovar and the ruins of the Guge Kingdom are the highlights here. There are countless remote monasteries, hidden valleys and sights of historical and archaeological significance to explore along the way.

    Day 01: Arrive in Lhasa.

    Altitude: 3,658m

    Get transferred to Lhasa city and acclimatize. Overnight in Lhasa

    Day 02: Lhasa sightseeing.

    Visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhore Streets. Overnight in Lhasa

    Day 03: Lhasa sightseeing.

    Visit Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery.Overnight in Lhasa

    Day 04: Lhasa-Yamdroktso-Gyantse-Shigatse.

    Altitude: 3,658m-4,441m-3,900m

    Est. Distance: 350km, about 6.5 hours' driving

    Road Conditions: mostly tar road, winding mountain road to Yamdroktso

    In the morning, drive up the mountain road to visit the holy lake Yamdroktso. In the afternoon, go to the small Tibetan town Gyantse and visit the famous Kumbum there. Proceed to Shigatse city. Overnight in Shigatse

    Day 05: Shigatse-Lhatse.

    Altitude: 3,800-4,050m

    Est. Distance: 160km, about 5 hours' driving

    Road Conditions: bumpy gravel road

    From this day on, you'll spend most daytime on the bumpy roads, and nights in the cold and sometimes smelly guesthouse. Overnight in Lhatse.

    Day 06: Lhatse-Saga.

    Altitude: 4,050m-4,600m

    Est. Distance: 300km, about 7.5 hours' driving

    Road Conditions: bumpy gravel road

    Overnight in Saga.

    Day 07: Saga-Zhongpa-Paryang.

    Altitude: 4,600m-4,750m

    Est. Distance: 255km, about 6.5 hours' driving

    Road Conditions: bumpy broken road

    Overnight in Paryang

    Day 08: Paryang-Darchen.

    Altitude: 4,750m-4,500m

    Est. Distance: 263km, about 7 hour's driving

    Road Conditions: bumpy broken road

    Overnight in Darchen

    Day 09: Kora around Mt Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

    Overnight in Darchen

    Day 10: Kora around Mt Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

    Overnight in Darchen

    Day 11: Darchen-Thsada.

    Overnight in Thsada

    Day 12: Thsada.

    Visit the Ruins of Guge Kingdom. Overnight in Thsada

    Day 13: Thsada-Darchen.

    Overnight in Darchen

    Day 14: Darchen-Paryang.

    Overnight in Paryang

    Day 15: Paryang-Saga.

    Overnight in Saga

    Day 16: Saga-Lhatse.

    Overnight in Lhatse

    Day 17: Lhatse-Shigatse.

    Overnight in Shigatse

    Day 18: Shigatse-Lhasa.

    Overnight in Lhasa

    Day 19: Leave.

    Get transferred to the airport / train station and leave.

    About the Alien’s Travel Permit

    According to our government policy, foreign tourists and Taiwan Chinese are prohibited to make independent tours in Tibet.  They must apply for the Alien’s Travel Permit issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) before they enter Tibet, means to inquiry the authorized agency 15-20 days in advance. Furthermore, their tours in Tibet must be arranged and organized by a licensed Tibetan agency in advance.  Guide is a must for them.  Foreign diplomats and journalists are prohibited to enter Tibet as tourists.
    To apply for the Permit, tourists must provide the following information:
    1.Copies of the valid passport (main page), Chinese visa, and Foreign Residence Permit page
    2.Occupation information/Copy of work permit if non L visa(same for Taiwanese Citizen)
    3.Exact travel dates and detailed itinerary,

    Here is the process:
    1.Tourists need to obtain the Chinese visa in their local Chinese embassy/consulate first.  Then they should send TTBS the required documents by fax or email.  (Singaporeans and Japanese who stay in China within 14 days are not required Chinese visa).
    2.After receiving the required documents, TTB can issue the Alien’s Travel Permit in 15 working days.  However, it takes more time to arrange flight tickets, accommodations etc., so please start the process as early as possible.

    Travel Notes

    Cultural Considerations
    The Tibetans are among the easiest people to get along with in Asia.  But still there are some cultural considerations you should pay attention to when you travel in Tibet.
    1.Do not photo them without permission!
    2.Always circumambulate gompas and other religious objects clockwise, to keep shrines and chortens to your right.
    3.Don’t touch or remove anything on an altar.
    4.Don’t take photos during a prayer meeting.  At other times always ask permission before taking photos, especially on using flash.  The larger monasteries charge photography fees.
    5.Don’t wear shorts or short skirts in a monastery.
    6.Take your hat off when you go into a chapel.
    7.Don’t smoke in a monastery.
    8.Don’t eat dog, donkey or horse in Tibet.
    9.Be aware that Tibetans often gesture with their lips to show a direction. So if a member of the opposite sex pouts at you, they are just showing you where to go.

    1.Medicines: try to bring the following medicines which will be very useful during your travel.
    Cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges and nasal decongestant.
    Aspirin—for pain or fever
    Multivitamins—when dietary vitamin intake may be inadequate.
    The temperature during daytime is around 10-25 C in Lhasa, while at night it may reach 0C.  When visit the lake or mountain, down-jacket is needed.
    Try to dress in black or other heavy color clothes since the road out of Lhasa may be very dusty and dirty.
    Jacket: a fiber-pile jacket is ideal for evening.
    Sweater: Wool or wool mix with a high neck for extra warmth.
    Headwear: wool or fible-pile ski-stly cap or balaclava for warmth.  A lightweight brimmed hat is good for sun protection .Inexpensive broad brimmed straw and elt hats are sold in Tibet's city markets.
    Cotton underwear: four or five pairs.
    Socks: at least three pairs.
    Shirts: A long-sleeve shirt made of wool, flannel, or chamois, or a track-suit top. A long-sleeve stay-pree cotton shirt for warmer temperature. Bring two or three T-shirts as well.
    Pants: For men, one pair of loose-fitting wool pants, wool knickers, or fiber-pile pants, and one pair of light-weight cotton pants. Women should wear a midcalf dress or skirt, though pants and knee-length knickers with socks are also acceptable. Shorts are not appropriate at any time in Tibet for men or women.
    Snack foods: Nuts, chocolate bars, granola bars, dried fruit, hard candies, beef jerky, and flavored drink mixes are much-appreciated trail treats.
    It’s very easy to get sunburnt in Tibet.  Sunburn can be more than just uncomfortable.  Among the undesirable effects are premature skin aging and possible skin cancer in later years.  Sunscreen with a high sun protection factor, quality sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are good means of protection.  Calamine lotion is good for mild sunburn.
    Those with fair complexions should bring reflective sunscreen with them.  Apply the sunscreen to your nose and lip as well.
    4.High Altitude Sickness
    Lack of oxygen at high altitudes (over 2500m) affects most people to some extent.  The symptoms include headache, dizziness, lethargy, loss of appetite, nausea, breathlessness and irritability.  Difficulty sleeping is another common symptom, and many travelers have trouble sleeping for the first few days after arriving in Lhasa.
    Prevention: the best prevention of Acute Mountain Sickness is to acclimate slowly.  Don’t do too much exercises during the first few days in Lhasa.  The following are the ways to help you acclimate to the AMS
    1.Drink extra fluids.  The mountain air is dry and cold and moisture is lost as you breathe.  Evaporation of sweat may occur unnoticed and result in dehydration.
    2.Eat light, high-carbohydrate meals for more energy.
    3.Avoid alcohol as it may increase the risk of dehydration, don’t smoke neither.
    4.Avoid sedatives.
    5.Don’t push yourself when climbing up to passes, rather take plenty of breaks.
    6.Avoid catching cold before entering Tibet.

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